She is a real sweetheart !! I've had so much fun since her arrival. I had forgotten how very, very busy puppies can be. She has not had any accidents and heads straight for the newspaper when it's time to do her business. 


We went to the Vet this am. She is in great condition and is scheduled on Feb. 8th for her shot. She let out a yelp when the Vet stuck the thermonitor up her butt. She's adjusting to her new home beautifully and sleeping all night.

You are very organized.  Thanks for all the records, food, etc.

Ms. Mecedes says "HI" and she misses YOU and her family.



He is an absolute doll. He loves to have fun playing but then he can be so cuddly too. He went to the vet and the vet said he looked wonderful.  Today was his first day in the office (he goes to work 2 days/week) – the whole office loves his “bunny hopping”. He socializes so well!! The dog walker (on the days he is at home) thinks he is great and totally adorable. He has also been really good at night sleeping in the “play yard”. Neiman isn’t adjusting to the dog collar yet but I heard it takes a few days. Hope to work more on the leash this weekend.  But he seems to be adjusting to his new surroundings but I know that he misses play time with the other puppies. 

You have raised a wonderful puppy. I will keep you updated.

Hi Denise,

Thanks for checking in.  My little girl is so precious!  I decided to name her "Tikva" - it's a hebrew name meaning "hope".  She slept through the night without a problem and and today she was incredibly energetic and playful.  I took her to the vet today (luckily they are open Sundays) and the vet said she was perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful.  All of the nurses were going crazy over her. 

Anyway, I absolutely adore her... she is the sweetest little thing.  I'll be sure to update you with pictures as she gets bigger.

Hello Denise,

 Rocky is doing great.  He has a wonderful personality that has earned him a lot of fans.  He’s incredibly loving and extremely attached to Carl and I.  He was also a wonderful brother to Wilbur who passed away last month.  In Wilbur’s final days rocky stayed by his side every minute.  When we returned from the animal hospital that day, Rocky was there with his crazy antics to cheer us up.  He gets in these funny moods where he runs at an all out sprint back and forth in our apartment, often crashing into the couch or anything else that gets in his way. 

I love spending time outdoors with him.  We walk a few miles every day to the various parks around town.  These walks tend to take a long time as Rocky insists on walking up to every single person and animal that walks by.  If a person attempts to pass him by without saying hello, he pulls toward them and cries.  We also spend a lot of time in the dog runs in town where he’s built an impressive collection of friends, human and canine.  He also spends time with us at the office where he has become our mascot.  The staff at my firm have had Rocky mousepads made with his picture and we are using him in an upcoming advertising campaign. 

We also try to take him to as many dog events as possible.  Last month we participated in “Bark in the Park” at Liberty State Park to raise money for the local humane society.  He won the Doggie Star Search for smallest dog and got a medal and certificate.  It also entitles him to a photo shoot of his own.  Last night he took part in the Wagamuffin Halloween Parade in Hoboken (see attached pics).  He was King Rocky for the night and we walked him around in a royal carriage.  

It’s really amazing what an impact he’s made in our lives in such a short period of time.  Beyond being adorable, he as a beautiful soul that touches everyone he meets.  Thank you so much for bringing this special little guy into the world and into our lives.  I’ll keep you posted as he grows up.  Enjoy the pics

Hi Denise...

Just an update on Oscar ...he's doing GREAT!  He had a clean bill of health from the Vet, the girls there LOVED HIM!  One even asked for your infomation...you may be getting a call!  He is so well behaved, he is sleeping all night without any crying...and, he is now pooping outside...WOOHOO! 
It is such a pleasure to have him as part of our family!  He is so loving & adorable...a wonderful puppy!  The kids love him, and he is the KING of the bus stop!
Thank you so much for this perfect pet!  He is obviously came from a very loving and knowledgable  breeder,  and I would highly recommend HIgh Point Shih Tzu to anyone interested.  It was so nice to meet you Denise...I promise to keep in touch so you can 'watch' him grow!
Renee  & Family


Dear Denise,

I just wanted to take a moment to officially thank you for your time and patience as I chose a very particular puppy to come join our family. I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to listen and respond to my incessant list of questioning and for providing the best possible responses. Being pregnant and raising a two year old, I never imagined that a puppy was going to be part of our immediate future but over the months prior to bringing Bella home, I was glad that I was referred to you and felt that my ambition to have another "toddler" in the house, brought me to the right person.

My husband is absolutely in love with his birthday present and even comes home early from work to play with her...she is cuddly and cute, barks and growls only when enticed and in such a comical way, prances through her new home as if she has been here forever, pounces on anything that squeaks and in all honesty, in these hard economic times, brings a huge smile to the face of anyone she has a chance to "kiss". We couldn't have made a better choice...our little fighter is the perfect addition to our entourage.

What I find truly amazing about her is her disposition. She is playful but not aggressive with our two year old. She also takes lots of time to give kisses and cuddle. Potty training is going exceptionally well as she is already sleeping through the night, in bed with us, and has no accidents in our bed. She doesn't bark unless we are playing with her and is not too much of a biter either. I was sad to see that her mother, Penny, is now retired because we have gotten more compliments on her beautiful color and disposition...most people cannot even believe she is a shih tzu.

With every request I get about her, I give them your name and hopefully someone else will get to enjoy one of your puppies! We could not imagine life without our little Bella!

Shannon Burd