Hiya Denise,
Well our Nugget is just the best! He's so much fun. And today he went to the vet and he feels that Nugget is "confident" and that is due to the nurturing on your end. After only a moment of nerves, he began playing with the doc. He felt Nugget is in excellent health. He already seems to have his favorite toys! He loves to burrow into cushions, necks, sofa and he decided to try out my motocross helmet! I've sent along a few photos. We sure love the little guy.

Hey there Denise,
I've been meaning to email you for so long now. Jack is so gorgeous ! He's the perfect dog in every way. We had him groomed very low earlier this month........prior to that he'd been groomed but not low.....I was afraid to lose that gorgeous coloring. I'm happy to say that he's definitely staying on the dark reddish side.............he's just so cute!! Also, since getting cut low, he's become so incredibly affectionate. He constantly wants to be on my lap. We truly LOVE him !!!

Hey Denise,

We took the Princess to the Vets on Saturday, and they checked her out and told us that said she is one healthy puppy. That of course did not surprise us........ Everything looks good. She is an absolute joy..... The Princess and Prince are really starting to bond. Hans and I went to Pet Smart this weekend and every time we go we bring our babies. Of course I am carrying the Princess in my hand and Roscoe is walking proudly on his leash. Just about everyone in the store stopped us to say what beautiful babies we have. They can't get over how gorgeous Roscoe looks and they all think that Roxanne is absolutely adorable. They asked were we got our puppies from and we mentioned your website at least 6 times. Some people even asked if you still had puppies available. You should be proud of the babies you sell. The publics loves them.......The two that we have, we won't trade in for the world. They both have such a good nature about them........ We also seen two other black and white shih tzus and I have to tell you Denise, they are not half as nice looking as our babies. You probably hear that from all your buyers that their babies are the most beautiful. Even the owner of these two shih tzus mentioned that we really got two nice looking dogs..... Like my father said, "you got the good one?"     

Hi Denise - Jetta is doing great. She's more and more settled each day - she loves to play and wants to be with us constantly -which is fine with us. My husband said that he had fallen in love yesterday - with Jetta!!! She eats alot - and we've only had two accidents in the house - we take her out every hour on the hour and she's been doing great - she is very smart and even more clever. She knows how to work the "system".
She saw the vet yesterday and all went well. She loved Jetta and we both got emotional - she was so happy that we had decided to get another pup after losing Tina last year. She said Jetta checked out just fine and she was really impressed with how well groomed and socialized she was.


He's doing really well! Everyone loves him, including the other dog. We took him to the vet yesterday and he weighs 2 lb 8 oz. The vet thought he was great -- and had a lot of excellent qualities, like a good nose, good legs, terrific temperament, etc. He gave us some vitamin paste for Bruno to get used to in case he has any problem with low blood sugar. My daughter's girlfriends love him and have been over to play with him. I took him for a walk in the park yesterday -- mostly I carried him, but when I put him down he bounced after me. Frankly, I couldn't be happier and my husband is very impressed!

Dear Denise,

I just want to tell you that although I have not received my puppy from you yet, YOU have been one of the brightest spots in my life for the past few months.   I have never owned a dog and this is a new experience for me.   In 5 days I will be picking up my pup from you and feel confident that you have given me everything I need to know both before and after.
You have always answered an email, have shared a wealth of information and sent pictures continuously ( sorry if I kept asking).   I have never met you, but feel as though I have.   I would recommend you as a breeder, a friend and a woman of kindness~
Thanking you in advance,


Dear Denise,
> I bought Bubba from you
> 6/07. I have always meant to send you pictures of
> when he got older, but never did. So finally I am
> getting around to it. I want to tell you Bubba
> has brought such happiness to our lives, He truly
> is the best! He is a little stubborn and HATES
> getting his hair cut, but other than that he is a perfect
> gentleman. He is perfectly house trained and does
> many commands , sit , down, roll over and
> stand. We are working on others. And
> his all time favorite thing, besides treats,
> HEHE, is to go on a long walk.
> This letter is to thank you
> for a wonderful dog. The vet said when he saw his
> that whomever I got him from did an excellent job, that he was perfectly healthy. Thanks again he is very important
> to us and very loved.
> Once again thank you, you really made me feel very comfortable and you gave me my baby
> I will be forever grateful!
> Sincerely
> Paula Hedden Baptiste


Attached are some pics of Stuff.

I wanted to let you know that Stuff is the greatest puppy ever! He is so
We have had a dog trainer here twice now and Stuff has learned to ring a
bell when he needs to go out. We have no more wee wee pad for about two
weeks. He has ajusted to his cage and loves to take naps in there and
sleeps threw the night without crying.

We took him to the Vet 2 weeks ago and they just loved him and his
wonderful temperment!
One of the girls that works there has a puppy from you. The puppies name
is Carmela.
I forgot the owners name to Carmela. She couldn't say enough great
things about you and the
wonderful temperments of your puppies.

Hi Denise,
How are you? I hope all is well. Sorry it has been so long since I've been in touch. The girls are GREAT!! I cannot even begin to explain the happiness they have brought/continue to bring me everyday. They have the BEST personalities and are constantly making me laugh!!!!!! Everywhere we go people comment on how cute/beautiful and friendly they are. Everyone in the vets office wants to steal them.Thank you for raising such wonderful pups and bringing so much joy to my life!! I have attached some pics of the girls.I'll be in touch soon.
PS. I have to stop checking your website or I'm gonna end up with a million babies. ;-)     

Hi Denise,

I just took Lexi to the vet for her check-up and naturally she is just perfect. She weighs 3 pounds and is doing well. She has adjusted quite nicely. She never cries at night in her crate and only needs to go out once in the middle of the night. We all love her! As soon as she wakes up in the morning all she wants to do is kiss us and love us! It is just the cutest thing.

I gave your email address and website to one of the people that works at the vet. Her mother just had to put her shih tzu to sleep after 21 years. She asked if you had any available and I told her yes. Hope you don't mind. I don't know if she will contact you, but if she does, you'll know where she got the number!